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Question for Part 1- Project overview:

  1. Please introduce CoinW exchange first ?

Constance : CoinW is a world-class integrated trading platform that provides Spot, Futures and other services to global users. Currently CoinW has more than 7 million users worldwide, ranked 8th among global exchanges.

CoinW now possesses the MSB financial license of USA, MAS license of Singapore, SVGFSA license and other financial regulatory licenses in many countries and regions, and is operating in compliance to ensure the interests of users.

The technical team comes from Alibaba, Oracle, Google and the financial securities industry, and has a leading edge in technology.

There are 3 strengths to stress:
1. World’s first listing of many early-stage prospective projects, bringing high return to investors.
2. Non-stop activities and benefits on the exchange and in the community.
3. Platform value points, COINS, givingaway for all users.

CoinW can provide investors with more secure, compliant, efficient and convenient cryptocurrency and derivatives trading services, and give away all kinds of activities and airdrop benefits from time to time.

2.Can you tell us the potential premiere projects? Like what projects are first listed, and what about the increase of them?

Since 2021, DEFI, NFT, and Metaverse and other conceptual currencies have exploded. Through the strict selection by the CoinW Research Institute, CoinW has launched many high-quality projects, most of which are world’s first, and most of which are still in the very early stage. Therefore, many of our users make a considerable profit from the later stage with a huge outbreak.

RACA Premiere Listing, highest rise to 30000%

NFTB Premiere Listing, highest rise to 3500%

There are the K-line trend of this two projects

And also
HERO Premiere Listing, highest rise to 1487%

SHIB Premiere Listing, highest rise to 3095%

Most of the projects that went online on CoinW were later launched on Binance and coinbase. You can check this statistic.

Up to now, the number of tradable currencies on our platform is 289, and the number of trading pairs is 322, including GameFi tokens such as AXS and YGG, which are listed for the first time on our platform. We can say that most of the currencies in the market can be traded on CoinW.

It is undeniable that CoinW provides many chances to catch the explosive rise at the beginning with these premiere listing projects.

Attention: we have prepared SHIB red packets for everyone. You only need to open the link to register for CoinW and complete the KYC certification and have a chance to get it.

Link: Receive 10,000,000 SHIB Red Pocket🧧

[In reply to Constance]
Constance, [2/9/2022 4:26 PM]
Link: Receive 10,000,000 SHIB Red Pocket🧧

You can follow the announcements on the official website or join our Telegram community to learn more.

Sending “Happy to join CoinW Vietnam community” in our community can get USDT rewards.😊

3.The globalization of cryptocurrency exchanges is a major trend. How does CoinW deal with that?

Up to now, CoinW has set up 12 localized trading service centers in 8 countries around the world, with more than 300 R&D members, and its products supports three major languages of Chinese, English and Korean.

As of October 14, the number of CoinW users worldwide has exceeded 7 million, covering 120 countries, and Vietnam is one of the big part of it.

In 2020, CoinW’s annual total transaction volume exceeded US$2.3 trillion, ranking 8th globally.

We have opened instant buy crypto service with credit card in many countries or regions around the world to help users use like Visa card to buy digital currency in U.S. dollar (USD), euro (EUR), and Great British pound ( GBP).

Supported fiats include the U.S. Dollar, Euro, Pound, Nigerian Naira, Shillingi ya Kenya, Ukrainian Hryvnia, South African Rand, Indonesian Rupee, Ghanaian cedi, Tanzanian Shilling, Ugandan Shilling, Brazilian Real, and Turkey Lira, Russian Ruble.

4.It seems so convenient.From what I’ve heard, CoinW’s ecosystem-applied point COINS is officially launched. Can you give us a detailed explanation of what COINS is? How to get is? And what it is used for?

First of all, COINS is one and only applicable value point for CoinW ecosystem, which is circulated and applied in many scenarios, and serving users of CoinW ecosystem and providing them with various benefits.

COINS will only be distributed to CoinW global ecosystem users by giveaway.

COINS provides CoinW users with numerous benefits, such as the “FansUp” special offer and lottery purchases, higher interest rates for CoinW Earn, quota for first-level projects invested by CoinW Foundation, priority to various activities, airdrops, red packets and other equities.

Users can earn COINS through registering for CoinW, trading, inviting friends to register, red packets and airdrops, and CoinW Earn.

For more specific applications, please see below:

And now, COINS can also be used to get new-listing blind boxes for free. The new-listing tokens in the blind boxes are all level one projects of GameFi with huge potential.

CoinW will continue to have similar events in the future, and you can follow the official announcement or join the official TG community for more information.

Part 2: Pre-selected questions from our community

1.What do you think of the blockchain market in Vietnam? What’s the plan of CoinW for Vietnamese market in the future?

Recently I saw a data. A survey conducted with 42,000 people in 27 countries/regions showed that Vietnam has the highest adoption of cryptocurrency.

41% of the respondents claimed that they purchased cryptocurrency, and 20% stated that they bought Bitcoin, which is the highest among all countries surveyed.

Demographic dividends, policy support, coupled with Vietnamese youth’s high acceptance of blockchain and urgent investment needs, the implementation of blockchain technology in finance, insurance, agriculture, medical care and other fields, as well as the Vietnamese government’s support for start-up companies, will definitely promote the rapid development of Vietnam’s blockchain.

We believe that the Vietnamese market has great potential in the future, and Vietnam will become one of the blockchain innovation centers in Southeast Asia.

Therefore, we sincerely invite active members and owners of all Vietnam’s cryptocurrency community to join CoinW and become our community partners. There are not only fixed salary, but also generous COINS rewards and other exclusive rights.

Thank you for your loves for us in Vietnam. Hope we will have more cooperation to develop together.

2.Can you introduce the “CoinW Community Partner” in detail? What are the benefits of becoming a partner?

Okay. If you have a firm belief in CoinW and the blockchain industry, if you believe that the blockchain can make the world better, we sincerely invite you to join us as a CoinW global community partner.

After being our community partner, we will create a community for you, and you can invite you followers or friends to join the community, share the referral link, invite them to register and trade, from which you can get up to 60% permanent rebate + fixed monthly salary of 3,200USDT + 160,000 COINS + VIP2, and also have a chance to get 5% CoinW year-end dividend and a car with the highest value of 800,000.

Details can be viewed in the link

3.Here comes our last question, is that 2021 is about to end, and what benefits does CoinW offer to our users?

We have prepared a wealth of benefits for everyone, including NFT blind boxes, airdrops, red packets and so on.

In fact, in addition to holiday bonuses, there’s also airdrops offered by CoinW from time to time .

Guess Lantern Riddles To Win 10,000 USDT !!Money bagMoney bag

“Happy Lantern Festival, Guess Lantern Riddles”
There will be 5 lantern riddles per day

Money bagAnswer correctly can equally divide the 10,000 USDT rewards

Money bagSurprise Gift Box Tokens:SAND、MANA、NEAR


Of course, in order to thanks for all your supports, We have prepared Red Pocket rewards.

Receive 10,000,000 SHIB Red Pocket🧧

For more benefits and activities, you can log on to the official website and Twitter

Sending “Happy to join CoinW Vietnam community” in our community can get USDT rewards.

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