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Question for Part 1- Project overview:

1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on 9D NFT ?

Henry Pham | 9D NFT:

My name is Henry Pham. I’m currently 9D NFT’s Game Design Manager & Art Supervisor. I have dedicated my past 8 years to game development, planning and content designing. I’m interested in MMORPG and other trendy gameplays. I believe I can be a valuable “asset” to the vitality of COGI.

The team of 9D NFT is a strong and talented Vietnamese team with diverse experiences in the game industry and the hope of turning normal games into the future of digital assets. We have all people and necessary resources to make sure that 2 aspects are in great care:

A DEV GAME team focus on improving & upgrading the project to create the best product possible.

Another team related to Marketing and external relations will focus on developing the community, expanding cooperation with partners in the Crypto field to create a hit when the game officially launches.

2 : Can you briefly introduce what 9D NFT is?

Henry Pham | 9D NFT:

9D NFT is the first 3D Martial Arts/COGIVERSE NFT game in Southeast Asia. 9D NFT has a Collectible & NFTs, Play to Earn mechanism and will plan to create a Metaverse called COGIVERSE.

About COGIVERSE, it is built on COGI, short for Crypto Online Gaming Infrastructure. COGI is an Online MMO Game platform that uses Blockchain technology to bring users their real-life value through game by “digitizing assets’’.

Our goal is to create a community of gamers on the Blockchain platform, so our players can experience not only “Play 4 Fun” but “Play 2 Earn” gameplay with millions of people around the world through the COGI ecosystem.

The first product of the COGI ecosystem is a MMO Martial Arts game called 9D NFT with an inspiration of Southeast Asia (SEA) Culture. The game starts from the Eastern Continent called “The East Plains” — one of our five continents in COGIVERSE. It is the First 3D Martial Arts / Metaverse NFT Game in SEA.

This martial art-based MMO game allows people to interact with one another in the virtual world we create. Before joining 9D NFT and exploring the Dragon lands, players will need to choose a character from one of the five sects from the game, based on the Five Elements System (Blade Master, Bow Master, Zither Master, Staff Master and Sword Master). Along the way, players can claim NFT items that later can be traded on Marketplace.

3 : Can you give an overview of YOUR Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $9DNFT?

Henry Pham | 9D NFT:

In-game Economy is working around these main TOKENs: COGI and COD

- COGI is a cryptocurrency platform specially built for online gaming in Southeast Asia. It’s the governance token for the entire COGIVERSE -> can join any game in COGIVERSE. In 9D NFT, it can be used to buy initial characters and trade NFT items on the marketplace.

- COD — Crystal Of Dragons is the digital currency used to incentivize in 9D NFT and we only get COD in 9D NFT. It can only be earned by fighting monsters, leveling up, buying supporting items, and upgrading. There’ll be a limit within a day.

All the information you need to know about Tokenomics is available in our Whitepaper on 9D NFT’s Website.

4: Can you tell us more about how to join the game as well as how to make money from 9D NFT games?

Henry Pham | 9D NFT:

I can’t paste the link here, so please visit our Telegram group for more information. ^^

9D NFT’s Website:

Well, To join 9D NFT, you will need to successfully install the game and have your wallet connected. When creating characters, players will need to spend a certain amount of COGI, around 100–300 COGI, depending on your favorite characters that you are willing to invest.
When participating in the COGIVERSE, you will collect COGI tokens through activities, such as:
- Dueling PVP, being in the top 1000 players will get COGI.
- When levelling up, players can get COGI and COD.
- Killing monsters on the normal map and has the opportunity to collect COGI, COD or NFT items of the same level as the monster’s level
- Hunting Bosses to get COGI, COD and NFT items.
- Players can receive Honor Points to exchange items to upgrade their characters
- Trading NFT items: you can obtain most of the in-game items through monster killing, boss hunting, PvE, PvP which can be converted into NFT.
- After converting the collected items into NFT, you can trade them on the Marketplace. The better the item, the higher the value.

5 : Does the project develop games for mobile users?

Henry Pham | 9D NFT:


The official release of the game will be launched on all three platforms:

- PC
- Android
The mobile version is available for download on Google Play and App Store.

So rest assured and to the moon with 9D NFT.

Part 2: Pre-selected questions from our community

1 : NFT games are so popular these days, what makes 9D NFT different from other projects?

Henry Pham | 9D NFT:

What sets us apart from other projects, as well as our advantage is the ambition of bringing players a product that is truly different from the familiar MMORPG genre.

I believe many of the users here have been playing MMORPG since they were young, and even until now (I believe many of you here are currently playing a MMORPG game, too)
We want to revive that memory, that trend again, but this time it will be different from the past; your entire “Play for fun” experience will bring real value to you in real life by Blockchain technology, by NFTs…

9D NFT is an Martial Arts based MMO game that allows people to interact with one another in the virtul world we create. Players joining 9D NFT are required to choose a character from one of the five sects 9D NFT has designed based on Five Elements System (Blade Master, Bow Master, Zither Master, Staff Master and Sword Master) as their main character to join the adventure of the “Dragons” in a 3D world to discover new lands. Along the way, players can claim NFT items that can be traded on Marketplace.
That’s what we are confident in!

2 : People always check about safety and security from any project due to many hack issues right now. How does 9D NFT ensure safe assets for users and game experience?

Henry Pham | 9D NFT:

Token burning and security are our priority. We have checked the security of our players very seriously! We already planned the Token Burn rate & Audit in great detail, please wait for our news.

As I mentioned above, for ensuring game experience, we have all people and necessary resources to make sure both aspects in great care:

- DEV GAME team (focus on improving & upgrading the project to create the best product possible.)
- Marketing team (Another team related to Marketing and external relations will focus on developing the community, expanding cooperation with partners in the Crypto field to create a hit when the game officially launches.)

3: Does your great project support the staking program?

Henry Pham | 9D NFT:

Yeah sure, in addition to “Play to Earn” by joining the game, we will give back a part of the tokens to serve as a Staking Reward to benefit COGI Holders who do not want or don’t have time to join the game.

Specifically, we will announce this Staking program soon in the 1st quarter of 2022 and launch in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

But I can reveal that you can use COGI to stake for COGI or stake COGI to receive NFT items and sell them on Marketplace.

4 : What are the major milestones your project has achieved so far?

Henry Pham | 9D NFT:

Well, we successfully launched IDO on November 12th. Token $COGI was out of stock after 1 minute on Community Pool. This is an impressive achievement for the 9D NFT team.

In addition, we are excited to have strategic partnership opportunities with the following major investment funds and partners: BSCStation, AVA Capital, ExNetwork Capital, TokenSuite, Avior Venture, ZBS CAPITAL, Moniwar, BV CAPITAL, AVSTAR Capital and more other partners that we are still negotiating.

With the support and experience of our partners, 9D NFT will have more manpower and resources to achieve new milestones in the future.

Recently, 9D NFT Team has released the Beta Test that can be played on PC and Android mobile phones. Therefore, we have received much support and positive feedback from a large number of players.

So we hope that you guys still wait and support us in the future to grow together!

5 : What are your further plans for your project?

Henry Pham | 9D NFT:

After Beta Test, very soon, at the end of the 4th quarter of 2021, we will launch the official version of the game with many new and interesting content and updates.

Airdrop on CoinmarketCap

9D NFT will have INO event soon

New Staking Pools and more new functions on Blockchain technology platform

Besides that, we have currently had a plan to develop our own Wallet, which is a part of the pre-calculated 8-year plan. All information about 9D NFT’s Wallet will be updated on our community’s news sites, please follow and update.

9D NFT is only the first step of COGIVERSE, our goal is to create a Metaverse of MMO games. With that, the next game project of the COGI ecosystem is also the next puzzle piece of this map. The future game will have a European feudalism with warriors, witches, wizards and stories inspired by Norse mythology.

Question for Part 3: Guests will choose 5 live questions from members and answer directly in CryptoFury Community

1 : Community is one of the backbone of every project, especially the new project in the crypto ecosystem. How do you value your community? What benefits will you provide to your community? Do you have any ambassador programs or referral program?

Henry Pham | 9D NFT:

Thank you for asking this question, Tông Hồ!
Community for us holds a great meaning. We wouldn’t be able to achieve anything without you guys. Like a tree trying to survive in a blazing desert vs a tree supported by a full and complete ecosystem. We would like to express our deepest appreciation to all of you who have accompanied 9D NFT during the past time, from the ICO Whitelist, to the Alpha Test phase and will stay with us in the next exciting events in the upcoming time.
And rest assured, with 10 years of experience in game development and operation, our team can confidently contribute and bring the best value to the community. We also have plans for you, KOLs and our partners in the future.

2 : Currently, there are countless NFT gaming projects, some of which have brought real value to the community. Could you articulate the key competitive advantages of 9D NFT and what innovations make you believe that it will be successful both in the short term and long term?

Henry Pham | 9D NFT:

This is such an exciting question, Kuroko!
Considering the fast and effective development of GameFi, as fast as; there can be 5 to 10 GameFi being launched weekly: NFT games, IDO, etc. Yet, among them:
- What are the projects that can be called “real games”?
- How many games can give users the feeling of “playing for real fun”, or just a “money game”?
- How many projects have real products and did not stop at “ideas”?
We chose another way, we had a real product, released the Testnet version for more than 500 people to try it out before even conducting IDO. Moreover, with the combination of MMORPG + Blockchain we embrace, we are confident this is the first and only project so far. This is our difference and also our strength to one day dominate the market.
The differences of 9D NFT compared to other games that makeup our strengths are:
9D NFT has a complete product
9D NFT is a MMORPG instead of a stereotypical mini game like many other games on the market.
9D NFT has had a technical team of operation and development for many years as well as inheriting Cuu Duong Truyen Ky that has been successfully deployed in Vietnam as well as some countries in the world. We also ensure the stability of the project over technical tests for the past 2 years, all of which had successful results.

3 : What is the current 9D NFT record? As a fan of 9D NFT, I expect my favorite project to be listed on major exchanges. Do you have any plans for this?

Henry Pham | 9D NFT:

What is the current 9D NFT record? As a fan of 9D NFT, I expect my favorite project to be listed on major exchanges. Do you have any plans for this?
Thanks for this interesting question!
I think we don’t dare to say “record” because our goal is a very long way and the COGIVERSE ecosystem is just in the first step.

But looking back, we have also got certain achievements.
The first was the success of the Alpha Test, which attracted more than 2 thousand subscribers.
Next was the Beta Test, which also surpassed the number of 8 thousand registered participants.
So be ready for the upcoming 9D NFT events like:
And above all, the official game release date.
Thank you so much for your care!

4 : After the Beta version, there was a lot of feedback for the team. So what are the points the project is doing well, where are the points that need to be improved. Can you tell what the team’s goal is in the future?

Henry Pham | 9D NFT:

Thank you for asking this great question!
You have joined 9D NFT’s Beta Test and enjoyed the product => That is the greatest encouragement for the project development team, a great encouragement for us to overcome the challenges and difficulties ahead.

Technically, human resources are not a problem for our team. But we are always afraid whether our ideas & ambitions when combining traditional games with blockchain, between “play to earn” and “play for fun”. We’re still thinking if it really makes users feel happy or not?

You gave us the answer already! Therefore, we will definitely go further no matter what challenges ahead as long as your companions.

And in the near future, we are preparing for the Pre-Launch phase, the closest phase to the official one. We have been improved our product from the feedback of the community. Because you are the biggest motivation for us.
Hope you will have the best time with Pre-Launch on next December 16.

5: 9D NFT has the good Dev team who assures speedy developments of different functionaries on 9D NFT ecosystem. Were there any significant challenges that your team encountered in the past?

Henry Pham | 9D NFT:

First of all, thank you for your trust in 9D NFT and the DEV team.

However, until now the challenge for us is the satisfaction of our community.

We always have the goal that the new customer is the one who decides the most about the development direction of 9D NFT in particular and the COGIVERSE ecosystem in general. We really need the support, sharing and suggestions from our community.

Please follow us on the official 9D NFT’s channels!

All details about 9D NFT could be found below

🛢 Website:
🛢 Twitter:
🛢 Telegram Chat:



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