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Question for Part 1- Project overview:

1 : Could you please introduce yourself and METABOLIC?

MetaBolic : Sure! I’m Dan and I am the owner of Metabolic. I have been a part of many crypto projects, both successful and not. These experiences help me do the best possible job I can do with Metabolic. I have a background in computer science and English literature, although the cryptoverse is my passion. Metabolic is going to be a leader in the metaverse. We will be the first Nft game to enter the world of virtual reality. Our team if made up of highly experienced members, who are experts in their respective fields.

2 : From where you get the project name? What does it means to you? And why you choose this name for your project? What is your mission and vision to built this project? What you want to achieve Through your project in future?

MetaBolic : MetaBolic, from the Greek μεταβολή or “change”, has its root behind the idea of adapting and evolving, a pulsating volcano of ideas that will become reality.

The undisclosed partnerships will see a compartecipation of Game Industry Leaders that will help bring the game to the metaverse, a perfect combination of ideas and know-how.

The metabolic team is mostly doxxed, and right out in the public.

The Creative Designer, Arkadiusz Van Born, is already a public figure as he is one of Chicago’s finest and most prolific DJ’s, Pioneer of The Graphic designer and SMM are also doxxed on the website and they’re right in their whitepaper.

At least but not last, The Owner has completed KYC, along with the others choosing this due to safety reasons involving his family.

The mission is quite simple, bridging the next 10M people from the boring real world to the Crypto Space.

If it sounds difficult just remember:
Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat.

3 : Market volatility is a very serious problem. Now, could you give a brief explanation about the limitations caused by this? What methods are you going to apply to reduce this to the minimum?

MetaBolic : We are already fully funded so no limitations for us. We want to help people who have experienced losses from this recent market crash. Your money is safe with Metabolic.

Part 2: Pre-selected questions from our community

1 : What are your goals and what plans do you have for implementing your decision in the future? And how do you think you can reach your desired goal very easily?

MetaBolic : Our goals all laid out in our roadmap. Our swap and stake is complete and will be revealed at launch. Our next goal, our Android and iOS wallet app are already under development. We are also working on our first nft game, so all our current goals are underway.

2 : Who is your investor? How do you generate revenue to sustain the project? What are your goals to the end of 2021 and beyond??

MetaBolic : We have a sole investor who has bankrolled the entire project. We will also see revenue for marketing from the marketing budget, and our swap and game will generate revenue.

3 : Asia, Africa and other communities are Non-English speaking communities, how will your project create global adoption to more local communities ?

MetaBolic : We love these Asian communities, and are trying to do many amas to reach them. I have also spoken to some influencers to bring our project to Weibo, and other social media platforms. We are also always open to suggestions so feel free to contact me.

4 : I want to ask you about a project that will definitely give the best to users and the community, So what should I believe from you, because many projects just give nonsense and promises or a false trust. Can you respond to this?

MetaBolic : Our project goals are very modest and obtainable. We are not taking on too much, we are making sure that we are the best at what we ARE doing. We have an amazing team, and more than enough money to achieve our goals.

5 : Do you have room for experienced developer? I mean do you have plan to launch Hackethon program to check the security of your project gradually?

MetaBolic : We have a very experienced developer. The contract has one safety audit, and will receive a certik audit down the road.

Question for Part 3: Guests will choose 5 live questions from members and answer directly in CryptoFury Community

1: Why investors should buy and hold your token/coin in the long term?

MetaBolic : Because they will be part of an industry first when we migrate our first NFT game into the world of virtual reality. This is a clear moonshot, and the ROI will be insane.

2 : Q. Will your project supports any yield staking and farming in the near future?????

MetaBolic : We will have staking ready for our token launch on dec 11

3 : How will you protect the token value? Will there be repurchase or burning?

MetaBolic : We have a sustainable model between the swap, wallet, and nft game. We also have buyback function in our contract, that we will implement down the road

4 : What makes YOUR PROJECT standout in comparison to other blockchain projects?

MetaBolic : We have a swap and staking ready at launch, and will not make our users wait like many other projects do. We are also governed by the community, right from conception, This ensures that we have the majority vote on decisions.

5 : What are your plans on GLOBAL adoption? Which country is presently focused on ?

MetaBolic : Worldwide. Just like your profile pic, people all over the world like games like our first NFT game. Everyone will love it, and we are doing many amas, and releasing press articles worldwide to ensure mass adoption

All details about METABOLIC could be found below

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