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Question for Part 1- Project overview:

1.Can you briefly introduce yourself as well as New Order?

Fidel Franco:

My Name is Fidel. I’m currently one of the project coordinators for New Order. New Order is an incubator DAO formed with the goal to build a self-governing incubator positioned to assist DeFi innovation, through promoting new asset classes, chain agnosticism and machine intelligence. Our DAO provides a two-tier architecture with a community of DeFi experts and a deep pool of individuals looking to get involved with other innovators and a second layer network of some of the most accomplished and respected DeFi and Web3 professionals and projects.

2.What strengths does New Order have to compete with competitors?

Fidel Franco:

Our team has deep experience in technology incubation in general, and in particular with helping out early stage blockchain projects. On the core team we have Eden Dhaliwal who was and continues to be a partner at Outlier Ventures, one of the top crypto accelerators in the space.

Eden is joined by Sami who’s a DeFi “mover and shaker” who’s impressive resume includes writing for Messari and being the founder of the [REDACTED] protocol — which is launching early December.

Marek used to teach Data Science in Toronto, and spent over a year at the prestigious Block Science token engineering agency helping some of the top projects in the space with designing mechanisms for their ecosystems.

Kiran Fernando also recently joined to assist our incubator projects with software development. I bring my experience from a wide range of projects in Web3. I’m currently leading the tech side of [REDACTED].

Between our core team and contributors we’re well connected with most of the significant DeFi protocols, as well as many key L1’s and L2s; which is important as partnerships will be key for the success of our incubated projects.

3.What are your significant achievements till now and what are your other plans for this year?

Fidel Franco:

We are currently incubating 3 projects (Redacted, H2O, OptyFi) in the DAO which are being built in-house and grew out of the core team’s experience being deep in the DeFi community.

Redacted is a friendly fork of Olympus DAO and aims to extend the governance process of the Olympus community to the Curve ecosystem.
H2O is a non-pegged stable asset created in partnership with Ocean Protocol and Reflexer Labs using a new digital asset class, datatokens, as collateral.
OptyFi is an automated, machine learning driven, cross-chain yield optimizer.

4.What are the ways that New Order generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win to both investors and the network?

Fidel Franco:

We will aggregate a diversified portfolio of early stage venture tokens from strategic incubation and stablecoins/large cap tokens from the DeFi marketplace. The profits from these incubated ventures will be put in our treasury vault that will be used in different aspects of investments that will be voted on by the community. Proposals can be introduced for yield farming strategies. Specifically, selecting the liquidity pools and allocation of assets to be sent from the DAO Treasury. Voting will control the configuration of the liquidity pools themselves such as Sushiswap and including what tokens to permit and in what ratios. The New Order DAO will receive some portion of the fees generated by participation in various pools. This gives us more than one revenue strategy that can keep solid in the short and long term.

5.l want to know about your Pre-Sale, IDO etc… When and where will Start? How can I know your Daily Updates?

Fidel Franco:

We just announced our token sale on Sushiswap’s Miso so follow us on social media to know all the information.

Part 2: Pre-selected questions from our community

1.Airdrop has seen a negative impact on investors. Token prices are often dumped due to airdrop.Because everyone gets tokens from Airdrop and they sell tokens and the price goes down.After that, investors also sell tokens.Then please explain

Fidel Franco:

If you check our mirror blog post we explain how our tokenomics is. We don’t plan to airdrop just to anybody, just to our contributors and community participating on the dao. We hope these people are in the DAO for the long term.

2.Where can the community be more connected with New Order?like a social media type system, where people can share ideas and project progress suggestions, because we know the power of the community to easily create famous projects?

Fidel Franco:

Great question! you can check all our social media links here. You can also join the conversation on our discord channel.

3.Currently, projects are continuously attacked by hackers. That is the nightmare of many projects. So, what is your strategy to anticipate hacking possibilities on your platform? What plan do you have in order not to let “ New Order” get hacked and cost investors?

Fidel Franco:

Our projects are constantly being audited by many developers. We are also working on a third-party bounty program. Security is essential for our partners and us, so we are making a collaborative effort to protect all our users in the dapps that we are incubating.

4. One of the ways to promote the project and attract users is to create local “ New Order” communities around the world. Does New Order” have any plans for this In 2021, will “ New Order” promote One Marketing? Because MARKETING is the source of almost every project.

Fidel Franco:

We have a very grassroots approach to marketing by doing AMA such as this one and on our partners channels. We are also doing interviews on different online platforms. We also have a contributor program that our community promotes the DAO as well. We are also spreading the word via social media and various influencers that believe in our project that work with us as well.

5Could you give us an overview of the New Order Token? How the token will be distributed and when TGE? Will there be a burn buy-back plan to maintain the supply?

Fidel Franco:

We may do a burn if is necessary, but at the moment, we don’t believe that is the case for now. Things change fast in the crypto world so never say never. As far as tokenomics, you can check our mirror blog, and we break it down in detail about our project and the sale.

Question for Part 3: Guests will choose 5 live questions from members and answer directly in CryptoFury Community

1.Who is the target for your project? Apart from Blockchain users, does your project have any plans for non-crypto users as well? If so, how can you attract them, or what are your plans to attract them?

Fidel Franco:

Our target is everyone that wants to get into DeFi and believes that its next big thing to give financial freedom globally.

2And why? In your opinion, which is most important for the platform and why? Community, Investors, Market or Exchange?

Fidel Franco:

Community is everything to us! We are not a traditional venture DAO, we’re built differently so that we can involve our community more in our project launches. Giving them the opportunity to shape how we interact with early stage founders.

If you would like to contribute to our mission, we are opening the doors for yield strategists, developers, researchers, marketers, community managers and more to join New Order’s founding team.

Please see the article on our contributor programme for more information :
Overview of the Contributor Program — Mirror

3.Is your project is fully decentralized? Also, is there any possibility of centralization in the future? At this moment, which one the most Necessary for your project:

Fidel Franco:

Our goal is to be fully decentralized. At first is being run a by a core to start and as we progress we want our community to run the DAO by our governance token.

4.What make people believe in long-term of New Order ?

Fidel Franco:

We are a venture dao so we are releasing up to 30–40 projects in 2022 we also have many partners that believe that multi-chain is the future for crypto.

5.What is your most ambitious goal of your project? We would appreciate it if you could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

Fidel Franco:

Our 3 projects right now that we are ready to release you can check more details here.

All details about New Order could be found below

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🛢 Twitter:
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