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Part 1: 2–3 project overview questions.

1/ Can you briefly introduce yourself as well as The Wasted Lands? And from where you get the project name? What does it mean to you? And why you choose this name for your project? What is your mission and vision to build this project? What you want to achieve Through your project in future?

1/ Can you briefly introduce yourself as well as The Wasted Lands? And from where you get the project name? What does it mean to you? And why you choose this name for your project? What is your mission and vision to build this project? What you want to achieve Through your project in future?

Ying Wu, [11/30/2021 9:08 PM]
My name is Thuy Anh, you can call me Ying — it’s my Chinese name. I’m in charge of The Wasted Lands as Partnership Manager. I’ve been working as a Community Partnership for serveral youth organizations. I’ve been into crypto market for 1.5 years so far and The Wasted Lands is my very first project of blockchain gaming. I could proudly say TWL is my first childborn NFT game that reaches my full potential. So I want to spread my hope/love to everyone here ☺️

Luân Ngô, [11/30/2021 9:09 PM]
My name is Luan, I’m the co-founder of The Wasted Lands and I’m in charge of the game production. I used to work at Amanotes, VNG, and Zitga before I started my own journey. So far, projects that I participated in have more than 1 billion downloads on Android and iOS. You can search for Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop or Summoners Era to check out my old projects. They’re all mobile games.

Ying Wu, [11/30/2021 9:09 PM]
The Wasted Lands is a match-3-RPG game with a post-apocalyptic theme. Players’ main mission is to discover the secret of the biological pandemic.
In order to do that, you will have to gather your team, fight against others, explore the world and collect pieces of evidence.
For match-3 gameplay, you may think of Candy crush or Bejeweled as an example. We hope this classic gameplay would attract mass users as it is really familiar and easy to play.

Our vision to The Wasted Lands:
In December, 2021, you may witness a bunch of new projects, but the market will still in lack of games that is well-balanced between FUN & EARN. The Wasted Lands will be there to solve the problem.

Unlike most other NFT games, you won’t find the big earning purpose in The Wasted Lands. We focus more on building a game that players enjoy, like we did with traditional games. Also, many critical disadvantages of current NFT games will also be solved, such as high entry-cost, low number of players.

Luân Ngô, [11/30/2021 9:11 PM]
Regarding the team profile, you can access to whitepaper slide 17 and our projects on the next slides.

Luân Ngô, [11/30/2021 9:11 PM]
On the game production aspect, before starting everything together, our team worked separately at Gameloft, Gear Inc, IEC, Hiker, VTC, Amanotes and Zitga. We’ve been involved in many great projects, such as Asphalt 9, Minion Rush, Dungeon Hunter 5, Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, Summoners Era,… as Game Designer Lead, Tech Lead, Art Lead and Marketing Lead.

Ying Wu, [11/30/2021 9:12 PM]
Regarding the game title, this is the first time we’ve been asked about it. Great question!
Back to the beginning, when we were brainstorming about the title, there were some other alternatives such as: After All; Mad World; The World After, etc. However, we decided to choose a noun that represents the game environment, a word that best describes a world where players will take on adventure.

So we have “The Wasted Lands”. The title triggers your imagination of junk yards, deserts that no one lives, handcrafting fortresses that survivors stay together, and cities that is ruined by the pandemic.

2/ Is The Wasted Lands a safe and reliable platform for investors? What value does The Wasted Lands bring to investors and the blockchain community?

Ying Wu, [11/30/2021 9:18 PM]
Yes definitely!
First of all, The Wasted Lands is an NFT game. It offers NFT items and token to be used in game and can be traded as any other crypto currency.

Ying Wu, [11/30/2021 9:19 PM]
Secondly, as the game grows, it creates more use case for the governance token, such as using WAL to exchange for game figures, buy T-shirts, stuffs and products of our partners.
So yeah, there is a huge opportunity for investors with The Wasted Lands. Especially for those that join early.

Ying Wu, [11/30/2021 9:19 PM]
Thirdly, as said in our vision, we want to deliver a game that bring joy and entertainment to our players, our investors. A true game! So everyone can have fun while earning from it.
Is it safe and reliable to invest in? From our end, we commit to deliver a safe platform and product with a 5-year vision. We don’t just look at the short-term. However, every investment has it own risks, at least on the market side. Please don’t expect an opportunity that benefits everyone. That won’t be realistic.

3/ Who are The Wasted Lands strategic investors? And what is The Wasted Lands roadmap to 2021? What is your ultimate goal for this year?

Ying Wu, [11/30/2021 9:26 PM]
About the strategic investors of TWL, for now, are Lavender Capital, Everse capital and many top tier VCs and Communities.

Ying Wu, [11/30/2021 9:26 PM]
We have schedule to update our partnership starting next week so I cannot disclose more.
Please subscribe to our channels to make sure you won’t miss a thing. 😉

Ying Wu, [11/30/2021 9:26 PM]
Our goals for 2021 is to release the MVP of the game, and let players try the main gameplay and earn from it.
In order to do that, we will have many big events coming up:
- NFTs sale from Dec 5th — Dec 10th
- IDO on Dec 12th
- MVP release on Dec 20th.

Let’s kick off the segment 2 now: QUESTIONS FROM COMMUNITY

1/ What are the competitive advantages of your project? What advantages do you have that other competitors don’t have? What would be your project secure most similar contender in the market today in terms of scalability, security, features & adaptability?

Luân Ngô, [11/30/2021 9:31 PM]
In short, we 3 unique selling points:
- Match-3 gameplay + hero collection + post-apocalyptic theme = the unique role-playing experience in exploring the story and tactical team building.

- The free-to-play mechanism, giving our users a closer look at the game before making an investment.

- A really exciting way of creating new NFT warriors. This is where you can actually create a warrior with a lion head, steel-armor body with giant eagle wings, and cyborg’s arms. You can have access to this via breeding/mating and fusion.

These USPs would differ our game from other competitors.

Luân Ngô, [11/30/2021 9:32 PM]
And with all that, we confidently believe that The Wasted Lands will be a great potential to players and investors in both short-term and long-term.

We have great art assets, a well-balanced gameplay that can even become e-sport tournaments, we have all the content and features for a long-term engagement. And last but not least, we have an experienced team and a solid plan to reach the markets, grow our user base and gain sustainable development.

Luân Ngô, [11/30/2021 9:33 PM]
by the way, you can check out our artworks here on the website
We’ll keep it update.

Luân Ngô, [11/30/2021 9:33 PM]
Video gameplay and demos are also available on the website, and some on the Youtube, too.

2/ Marketing strategy is very important for every project. A product be established on the market without marketing & promotion, whatever it is good. So what are your plans for this? How will you build strong relationships with communities?

Luân Ngô, [11/30/2021 9:36 PM]
Marketing is important, no matter what product you’re doing. NFT games wouldn’t be an exception.

Since I was the Marketing Manager at Amanotes and Zitga, I understand that a good product is not enough to make a Hit game.
That’s why we have a Growth and Marketing team of 12, and we are recruiting more collaborators and community managers, especially the local.

Luân Ngô, [11/30/2021 9:37 PM]
At the moment, we have 60k followers on Telegram and 28k members on Discord although the project has not launched yet.

For the next few months, we are targeting Tier 3 countries, especially those that familiar with NFT games to get a good start with our user base. Local community managers will be needed. Let us know if you’re interested in this.
In the middle of 2022, we will expand the market to Tier 2 and Tier 1 countries.

Luân Ngô, [11/30/2021 9:38 PM]
On the audience segmentation side, we will focus on growing our early adopters as investors, play-to-earn players. Then, we will expand and convert gamers to join.
It would not be easy, but we will have to try, at least with all the insights we have in traditional games and blockchain.

3/ What is the token’s role in the ecosystem? Where can people buy right now? What will it do? Is your platform suitable for Crypto beginners? Or is it limited to professional users only?

Ying Wu, [11/30/2021 9:43 PM]
We have 2 tokens in our game:
$WAL is main governance token of The Wasted Lands.
- Use to Buy/rent NFT assets.
- Use to fuse & give birth to next generation of NFTs warriors.
- Staking.
- Pay services fee on marketplace
- Governance
- Buy exclusive merchandise & auction for NFT game assetsWe have 2 tokens in our game:
$WAL is main governance token of The Wasted Lands.
- Use to Buy/rent NFT assets.
- Use to fuse & give birth to next generation of NFTs warriors.
- Staking.
- Pay services fee on marketplace
- Governance
- Buy exclusive merchandise & auction for NFT game assets.

Ying Wu, [11/30/2021 9:43 PM]
$WAS is main utility token and can be earned by playing the game through PvE mode.
Use cases of $WAS:
- PvE and PvP rewards
- Burn to Upgrade higher level NFTs items (equipments, lands, pets…) from in-game resources.
- Burn to level-up Tier & Membership
- Burn to speed up research & production in-game”.

4/ Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

Luân Ngô, [11/30/2021 9:49 PM]
The most common reason of selling your tokens is that investors don’t see any potential in it. For example, they don’t think the token price will bump in the future.
I think every project have to face with that challenge. Besides, keeping the token price going up all the time is not really a good strategy.

Luân Ngô, [11/30/2021 9:50 PM]
However, we have multiple methods in maintaining an optimal price:
- short-term: we have staking to reward holders; we have fusion and breeding feature to burn the token and create more valuable NFTs
- long-term: we have a solid go-to-market strategy and free-to-play system to make sure new users, new investments come.

Luân Ngô, [11/30/2021 9:51 PM]
We also have a concrete game-release timeline and great communities to spread the news. We will make sure good news of The Wasted Lands reach more and more audience every 1 or 2 weeks.
And we’ll do all that globally, starting with Tier 3 countries such as South East Asia, Latin America. Then we will expand to other countries as the game grows.

5 Users often care less about technology, but rather the value of the token. How do you manage to strike a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of the token?

Luân Ngô, [11/30/2021 9:55 PM]
The value of the token lies in its use case. The more use cases you create, the more value of the token. And as a matter of fact, more people will hold your token.

Although we have built great technology to create and sustain a safe and reliable project to all our investors and players, we won’t use that as a selling point to attract them. They need to see the application, the actual use of the token to put their trust in it.

Luân Ngô, [11/30/2021 9:55 PM]
However, please be reminded that the Earning factor in our game would not be high, especially in long-term. We are aiming at a game that provides real entertainment.
So, FUN would come first, and it would be our only principle in this.

Luân Ngô, [11/30/2021 9:57 PM]
Needless to say, a fun and well-balanced game is what people want to play. Take a look at the billion-dollars market of traditional games, you will understand what I’m trying to say. Even you guys were at least once want to play or buy a game just because it’s fun, right?

Therefore, a good game attracts great amount of users, and the more players you have, the more valuable of your project.

And this question also concluded the second part of this AMA. Let’s heat the chat up with the LIVE QUESTIONS segment.

1/ Hello SIR🌹🌹👇
IS 👉 This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone? Do you have a telegram group or channel where we can find out the details?👈

Hi 👋🏻 Thank you for great question. With our project , high entry cost problem solved by our Free-to-play mechanism and Renting feature.

Free-to-play mechanism:
The Wasted Lands gives out free non-NFT warriors for all players at the beginning of the game to join freely
These free warriors are default to all players. Thanks to this, free players can enjoy the game and gain tokens while playing in PvE campaign mode. All token earning from default warriors will be locked and players can only withdraw these token if they have at least 1 NFT warrior.
For users who own NFT warriors, they can freely trade and access all the game functions.

Owners of NFTs can put their unused assets for rent to generate better income.
“Renting with collateral” and “Renting without collateral”.

2/ Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can u tell us, What makes The Wasted Lands project different from other projects?

Hi Châu, thanks for your question! I think I get what you mean. There are so many projects, and of course none of them telling that they’re not good.

In The Wasted Lands case, I don’t want to promise you the magical thing. I’ve never said it would be an x100 or x200 project. As a game producer, all that I can tell you right now is that we will bring you a complete RPG game, mixing with match-3 for a whole new experience and maintain game balance.

What we will bring to the community is an actual game, where you can play and relax, not just something you can earn from.

About the timeline, @yingwu868 has mentioned earlier but let me write it down again here:
- NFTs sale from Dec 5th — Dec 10th
- IDO on Dec 12th
- MVP release on Dec 20th

In 2022, we will gradually deliver the game content and build up hype about the game. Big events would be:
- Feb: Fusion & Breeding feature; release PvE, worldmap
- March: release the complete core-loop of the game with PvE and PvP
- Q2: Lands & Shelters system; Renting Warriors feature
- Q3: Updating more contents to PvE, adding special tournaments in PvP
- Q4: introducing Vehicles system and new gameplay to it; first step to expand our universe.

3/ Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited for professional users ?

Yes definitely it’s! Our project is for everyone not matter who you are.

Our main mission is making the balance between Fun & Earn. Unlike most other NFT games, you won’t find the big earning purpose in The Wasted Lands. We focus more on building a game that players enjoy, like we did with traditional games. Earnings will be there but it’s minor.
Coz we are targeting players that wants real fun so that’s why The Wasted Lands is suitable for everybody.

4/ Some NFTs are very rich in art value, however, how can you ensure that NFTs exhibited in your platform can reach the demand and “need” of customers? As such, can you explain in details how can you evaluate NFTs and connect artist with customers?

Hi Nam, great question! However, I believe you mentioned about the NFT of arts in general, not NFT games.
In games, and especially in The Wasted Lands, the NFTs can be use in the game to perform many action, such as fighting, collecting items, breeding and create new NFTs.

Regarding the arts’ quality, with over 10 years in gaming, we have all the connection with the best digital artists at the moment. Although they are Vietnamese, their artworks and portfolio are in the world class. Some of them even work remotely for LOL. We are in talk to have them on board.

At the moment, you can check out our gallery here

5/ Where did you get the inspiration for this unique project idea? What plans does The Wasted Lands have to build trust and build collaboration in the community? And what is your strategy for attracting users from outside the crypto space?

This must be the toughest question I get today! Thanks for sending it!

The idea of The Wasted Lands came to us when we were at the peak of Covid-19. Things were hard, thanks god we made it. At that moment, we have an assumption of the causes of the pandemic. What if there’s someone behind all this? and what if the pandemic happen again in the future, in a much larger way?
The Wasted Lands theme based on that.

For the Communites side, thanks to our belove Growth and Marketing team members, we received great support for top VCs and Communities so it was not hard to spread the news about the project. I guess our partners all recognized the potential of this game.

Lastly, to convert users from outside the crypto space, we will first aim at the gamers. Since we are a game, we can get them to play if we get the game balance right, especially with our Free-to-play merchanism, they can play without learning about crypto. But as the progress through the game and earn WAS and NFTs item (locked, of course), they will have the motivation to join crypto world, first by buying the first NFT to continue playing our game.

Thank you so much everyone for joining us for today session with The Wasted Lands and special thanks to @yingwu868 @luanngo2703 for such an informative session.

All details about The Wasted Lands could be found below:
⭐️ Twitter
📝 More information:

Website ( | Twitter ( | Telegram ( | Discord ( | Chanel (




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