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⏰ Time: Jun 30th , 9:00 AM UTC
💰 Reward Pool : 100$ + 10 WL
💎 Place :

Question for Part 1- Project overview:

1. Could you please share with the community more information about the ATTA project?

Zoey: Hi, my name is Zoey. I work as the community lead of ATTA

Sure, I definitely love to share more information about ATTA.

ATTA is OGC + PUGC content protocol. ATTA aims to build a next-generation entertainment community for content consumption, discussion and creation that is empowered by ATTA DAO.

We strive to create a new generation of the content ecosystem where occupational and professional content creators can realize their ideas, new directors and new content can receive more exposure, and copyrights can be better protected.

For user who do not have an idea about what OGC and PUGC is:

OGC full name is Occupationally Generated Content, which represents content and content creator. The content is mainly produced by industry professionals with a certain level of knowledge and professional background, and these people will receive corresponding rewards.

PUGC refers to Professional Generated Content + User Generated Content which represents content or content creator.

Official Website:
Telegram Group:
Telegram Announcement:

Don’t forget to follow us on social media guys😝

2. Where did the idea of the project come from and the main mission of the ATTA project?

Zoey: Well, this is a good question.

Our vision is to supercharge content creators for the continued generation of hitting ideas while maximizing their business value.

The entertainment industry cannot bypass IP, Intellectual Property, which represents good creativity and sustainable business value. At present, the web2 IP business model can transform the content creation process and IP licensing by means of financialization and DAO in a web3-native way; and with a web3 approach that endows content with various attributes to enrich IP consumption mode.

We believe that the content business, like any other real economy, can achieve a win-win situation only by helping content creators to explore and meet the diverse needs of consumers as much as possible.

As we uncover and meet users’ content consumption needs in all aspects, we are dedicated to maximizing the economic value for all stakeholders with a web3-native model.

3. Can you be more specific on what users can do on your platform?

Zoey: Yeah, of course. So the most obvious function is to stream content on ATTA. ATTA provides users with high-quality movie content.Each movie has a dedicated themed community.

Different movies are on ATTA “Movies” page, where users would be able to learn more about the movie or join the discussion by entering any movies.You can also enjoy the movie immediately by clicking the “Watch Now” button.

As users interact with movies and contents such as sending comments, bullet chats, likes, it is likely they will earn a reward- $popcorn which I am going to introduce later.

Let me talk more about community engagement now.

👉Bullet Chat
Users can post their thoughts or interact with others by using the chat box at the bottom of the screen while watching the movie.our post will be floating on the screen instantly.
Users can comment on the movie under the “COMMENTS” section and react with fellow users’ comments.
Users can create and post high quality and valuable reviews under the “REVIEWS

Now, our product is officially open for public testing, you can take a look at:

This is what we look like now. In the future, we will provide more functions such as content curation and content funding/incubation etc,.


Part 2: Pre-selected questions from our community

1. You mentioned popcorn in the last question, so what is $popcorn and how can users earn it?

Zoey: $Popcorn is the official utility token of ATTA, and users can earn popcorn when they interact on ATTA

All users would be able to earn $Popcorn by participating in activities within the entertainment community. Activities include posting bullet chats, writing comments and reviews, attending events, etc.

Users will be incentivized based on their contributions.$Popcorn holders may consume their $Popcorn to mint the ATTAverse Club NFT to become a club member), who will enjoy the most premium rights and benefits

ATTA will be the primary market of $Popcorn by following a token bonding curve at the beginning.

Emission of $Popcorn is through a single faucet, and only from activities about creating film related contents (PUGC). Free users can earn a very little amount of $Popcorn without buying NFTs, which you can think of as tiny inflation.

$Popcorn will be listed on a Dex in the future through a DAO proposal.

Use cases
1️⃣minting for PFPs (or rare NFT collectables provided by celebrities)
2️⃣attend events like premieres with celebrities or box office voting,
3️⃣view exclusive content or purchase social functions like changing color of bullet chat etc.

In later stages, we will also enable functions for PUGC users such as purchase traffic through $Popcorn for more exposure.


2. Could you please share about the roadmap at the moment and the marketing activities of the team in the future?

Zoey: As ATTA is hosting the “Rolling Youth Film Festival’ soon, it is definitely one of the biggest milestones and focuses at the moment. We have received great support from many strong backers, communities and other institutions. I will also give details about the Festival soon.

Well, in the future. We will continuously bring more top-quality content and content creators to ATTA. For example, we will enrich the community with exquisite film and video content, allowing more talented creators to be seen by our users, and become a fertile ground for cultivating excellent content and creativity. With the development of the ecosystem, high-quality original content will promote the prosperity of PUGC and derivative content, helping good OGC content to be seen by more people.

On the other hand, with the further strengthening autonomy of ATTA’s entertainment community, users can participate in content curation through DAO, forming a flywheel effect of positive feedback and development among content consumers, OGV creators and the PUGC ecosystem. ATTA’s two major business flywheels will make the content in the ecosystem more creative and have more sustainable business value, driving the development of the content creators, content consumers, platforms and degen in the ecosystem.


3. Would you share more info about the Rolling Youth Festival?

Zoey: ATTA is pleased to announce the official launch of our entertainment community empowered by DAO. We will also be holding an unprecedented Web3-native film festival — the Rolling Youth Film Festival, running from July 19th to October 18th.

The Rolling Youth Festival is the first-ever web3-native film festival that lasts for three months. Being the next-generation entertainment community for content consumption, discussion and creation.

ATTA will screen over 250 professional films to film enthusiasts during the festival. This enables users to get to know more talented content creators from Asia-Pacific as well as exquisite international films worldwide. Moreover, users are able to participate in all aspects of the content ecosystem through a Web3-native approach, including token incentives, voting and award selection, etc.

Most importantly, the Rolling Youth Film Festival will include a special screening of works from the top-notch directors, and join the official process of an established and highly reputable global film event (to be announced). More exciting details about the festival’s partners, committee members, sessions, etc., are yet to come. Please stay tuned!

So you might wonder how to participate in the film festival?Well, here comes the key point.

All users who purchased the Rolling Festival Pass will automatically become festival members of the ATTA platform (valid until the end of the festival on October 18). Holders can get access to all the Film Festival content and a host of festival experiences and popcorn incentives.

Rolling Festival Pass NFT Early Ticket: 1,000 tickets at $100 per ticket. The “Early Bird” Ticket will start on June30th 2PM UTC+8, and we will reserve some WL spots for our collaborative KOLs, communities, and other partners. But it’s all sold out.

Now you can expect:

Rolling Festival Pass NFT Official Ticket: 14,000 tickets at $200 per ticket. The Official Ticket sale starts on July 7th.

You can check

4. ATTA just announced a partnership with the Klaytn foundation, can we know more about it? What other partnerships do we expect?

Zoey: We are lucky to get Klaytn Foundation’s support

In this partnership, Klaytn will
1. Sponsor $250,000 in KLAY for ATTA film festival
2.Engage in open discussion on onboarding more content creators and consumers
3. More updates coming

The partnership with Klaytn aims to help ATTA build a next-generation entertainment community. Leveraging ecosystem resources to support ATTA’s product launch, the two organizations will work closely to help content creators realize their ideas, gain exposure, and protect their IP.

By pairing Klaytn Foundation’s resources with ATTA’s top-notch platform, we will be able to build a content ecosystem that enables content creators to supercharge their content and maximize their business value.

Following this major milestone, ATTA will be engaging in open discussion on onboarding more content creators and consumers.More partnerships will be announced through ATTA official channel, please follow the official channel for more.

And recently, we also announced our partnership with polygon

The collaboration will enable ATTA to leverage the strong resources of the Polygon ecosystem to kick off the Rolling Youth Film Festival, running from July 19th to October 18th. The Rolling Youth Film Festival Pass NFT will be deployed on the Polygon network.


5. Can you share with us some campaigns ATTA is holding recently?

Zoey: Yeah, sure, so as we are hosting the Rolling Youth Film Festival, there are also some intensive campaigns and events going on recently. You can follow us on our social media to get the latest news, but anyway, you can participate in the following three events at the moment

1ATTA Follower OAT giveaway powered by project galaxy.

You just need to complete simple gleam tasks and you can win an exclusive OAT. Also the holder can share a chance to win the ATTA Youth Festival Pass which is $200 each.

Check the campaign details here:

2. By submit the proof of attendance of this AMA, you can also win an ATTA Fans OAT

6. Lastly, can you share with us the news links of the most major update?

Zoey:Partnership with klaytn:

Partnership with polygon

Launch official public test and the Rolling Youth Film Festival:


Question for Part 3: Guests will choose 5 live questions from members and answer directly in CryptoFury Community

1. Please tell me this question? 👇👇

What do you have?
1- Telegram Group✔️
2-YouTube Channel✔️
3- Tik tok channel✔️
4- Discord✔️
5- Twitter✔️
6- Website✔️

I AM INTERESTED to investigation in your project. When and where can i buy your tokens? Is it already listed exchanges?

Zoey: Official Website:
Telegram Group:
Telegram Announcement:

2. Is your project a community only for English speaking countries. Or for users not for others languages? Do you have any community for non-English speaking users too?

Zoey: We have local language on the website except English, we also have mandarin and Korean, more languages will come, keep tuned!

3. I see, on 7th of July, ATTA has IDO on the BSCPad platform. I’m excited to know how we can join and is there a minimum joining fee?

Zoey: Where did you see this info😂 on 7.7 we are going to start the sale of the official film pass on

4. Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who haven’t yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space.sir please ans my question

Zoey: Yes web2 users can also enjoy everything on atta through email and credit card

5. What is your main focus right now, are you focusing on community or market / exchange or products and how can we enjoy?

Zoey: We are focused on the coming rolling youth film festival

All details about ArchLoot could be found below

🛢 Website :
🛢 Twitter:
🛢 Telegram Chat:

⭐️Quality makes brand : #BTC #ETH #BNB #MOON

We focus on the core value of the project, from which to develop and shape the quality

☎️Business: @hung213



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