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Question for Part 1- Project overview:

  1. Could you please introduce yourself and VXXL?

Ra V.i: yes sure, i am one of cofounders of VXXL, we call it founding community

actually VXXL is a truly decentralized, community driven and fastest transactional PoW coin that can serve as a good alternative to the current industry standards. Relevant approach makes VXXL a far more practical alternative to both other altcoins and {especially} to fiat currencies, used in particular across corporate payments sector.

VXXL is a peer-to-peer web 3.0 currency that allows instant (7 seconds per block), nearly free payments to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Unlike any other fast transactional coin which either operate on PoS protocols (TRC, ETH, XLM etc.) or completely centralized (like XRP), VXXL is a global payment network that is fully decentralized and has no central authorities. So far no one can counterfeit transactions, change the emission size or seize funds injecting double-spending. While decentralization turns the maintenance of coin’s independence to a real challenge for the community, VXXL hybrid PoW+PoS protocol makes it impossible to lose money with VXXL.

As mentioned , in order to avoid major problem which all PoW coins face, we implemented unique functionality of hybrid PoW+PoS protocol.

How it works: VXXL still remains completely decentralized PoW coin with a maximum mining reward of 1500 VXXL per block, though we eliminated halving principle and instead of that, the amount of mining reward is related to network’s difficulty. Lowest reward is 300 VXXL. Fluctuations between lowest and highest rewards is what we call “difficulty waves”. i will explain later why we implemented this principle and what it means for financial system in the 21st century.

At the same time, while VXXL allows mining, it architecture makes interception of mining hashpower impossible, because additional layer of PoS verifies all PoW transactions via nodes/wallets holding coins for more than 10 days but not more than 900 days to avoid concentration of power in OG hands.

That’s a brief on what VXXL is but we will find out more soon after next questions !

2. As we know, By the Token price many people judge a project, What do you have to Say to investors What’s the plan to increase the Token Demand

Ra V.i: Oh dear Hannah thanks for this question also

actually VXXL is among those projects which make investors most happy

since our listing just 2 weeks ago VXXL already made x12 (+1200%) & stabilized at the level of x6 (+600%)

it happened so that VXXL ieo was at, which is very reliable and fast exchange, where i do recommend to trade as far as do it myself also

though we are developing permanently

and our mid to long-term target is parity of VXXL with USD

Next month we will be making a second step for spreading VXXL liquidity across centralized and decentralized exchanges, what will definitely have impact on charts

for CEXs we are preparing SDO >> Secondary Decentralized Offering, which means simultaneous (same date same time) listing across several CEXs

and for decentralized solutions like AMMs, DEXs, different liquidity protocols and dApps we will open erc20 + bep20 wrap gateway where everyone will be able to flip its VXXL into wVXXL wrapped to this or that network in order to be able to stake it across multiple liquidity pools which we are preparing.

hope i will have time to tell You more about it

3. Many projects have similar features and services, but I can see you uncover new innovations with your project. What will your vision be in the end, what are you trying to achieve with your project in the long run, what are your plans to get there

Ra V.i: long run is something which we shall always keep in mind developing something new

actually we believe that VXXL with its unique ability to vary amounts of mined coins perblock can become one of major centers for decentralized emission in the first half of the 21st century

our economy needs changes, centralized central banks are outdated, corrupted and dumb, they don’t think about economy and only value their own political interests

instead VXXL proposes a great model of algorithmic consesus of how the economy players can agree regarding new emission

we belive that our current model is a kind of sandbox and it will evolve, providing more sophisticated methods for directing cashflows into proper technologies and sectors

Part 2: Pre-selected questions from our community

  1. What are the highlights of VXXL’s technology and products that you believe will help you succeed How revenue does VXXL generate to sustain the project, and what plans do you have to attract more users in the future

Ra V.i: we make a stress on several technologies based on VXXL protocol >>

PoW+PoS hybrid chain

VXW no-KYC wallet

DeFi gateways and APIs (including wrap bridges)

Lending Protocol

2. Your project name seems to be very interesting. Does it have any story behind it Can you share us with the inspiration for approaching to this name

Ra V.i: You know in fact VXXL concept emerged as a response on totalitarian centralization of one small blockchain which our founding community observed

and that’s why we decided always carry on the highest ideals of cypherpunks who created the crypto economy for us all, always remember such people as Hal Finney or Nick Szabo & Adam Back.

and that is the reason why people believe we are a crowd of tech geeks, who always think about coding something hahaha

so, many rumors appeared that VXXL is related to Voxel, which is in computer-based modeling or graphic simulation related to each array of elements of volume and that constitute a notional three-dimensional space, especially each of an array of discrete elements, into which a representation of a three-dimensional object is divided…

at the same time some people think VXXL is related to roman numbering like V is 5 XX is 10 & 10 & L is 50

i believe more legends can appear further on, anyone is free to guess what VXXL means )))

3. Can you share about the utility of your token What is the use of your token in your ecosystem Do you have a farm or stake feature

Ra V.i:well as i mentioned we are focusing on revolutionizing DeFe, so yes, we have all solutions for nowadays yielding

when the one runs the full node of VXXL the one can stake over there, though version 1.0 of VXW wallet doesn’t allow staking, so to participate in farming or stake VXXL the user will need to go to our upcoming WRAP BRIDGE then wrap VXXL into wVXXL (either erc20 or bep20) and then wVXXL will be available for both staking and farming

as per utility

as said VXXL is a transactional currency, meaning its main utility to settle real-time payments

currently real-time payments in crypto can only be settled by pure PoS coins, which means they have significant limits for development in real sector, where biggest corporations will not rely on any PoS, even if it’s owned by Binance

at the same time, Bitcoin L2 has it’s own flaws, that’s why Lightning still not fully operational

sidechains aren’t mainchains

and corporate business understands this

so we created VXXL in order to propose to corporates best PoW solution which will satisfy all their needs in terms of network speed and tx security

that’s why we created VXW also >> it will become frontrunner of mass adoption of VXXL across retail and non-banking financial companies

4. What strategies do VXXL have to make VXXL more valuable in terms of inCreasing the number of users and what apps are VXXL integrating to expand your ecosystem

Ra V.i: all dApps which the find will find on dApps radar will be covered

i assume we will issue a separate roadmap for our DeFi plans

5. Usually the project only tells about their strengths. Can you tell us honestly about the weaknesses of your project And what are your plans to solve it

Ra V.i: we believe that we are still young and small community

that could be biggest weakness

but we truly belive that our ideas are right and that many people from everywhere across this world will join us & will develop decentralized financial system of the 21st century together with us

Question for Part 3: Guests will choose 5 live questions from members and answer directly in CryptoFury Community

  1. What is the plan to ensure sufficient liquidity on exchanges to fill market orders, especially as adoption increases and clients begin multiplying year-over-year for your project ??

Ra V.i: i like new questions and try not to answer those many repetitive questions which i see everywhere mostly )))

i just wonder why all those people watching us think that i don’t remember all questions asked earlier haha

ok so Vu Gia Kiet is our first winner, congrats !

so my answer regarding liquidity management is as follows >> one of our market makers was a co-founder of GSR >> rest You shall google and DYOR

2. With all that is currently happening on the crypto space right now, do you think the people still has trust in NFT/P2E/M2E/W2EMetaverse projects? How would you keep the supporters confident/engaged long-term?

Ra V.i: ok here is our second reward goes to Ngo Thi, congrats !

good question about trust to crypto technologies, though You know, trust is just market sentiment…

and as per NFTs or metaverses >> people keep on playing games, people keep collecting useless stuff like postage stamps and even so many crisises happened in the world people keep doing it

that means one important thing >> market sentiment WILL change, that’s why invest while crypto winter is outside

here we are and VXXL is opening doors to invest in growing cycles instead of locating money in outdated technologies

3. What are the strongest benefits of your project that you think will lead your team to a better market?

Ra V.i: Fizz congrats You are chosen one today haha

good question and so far my answer is>>

VXXL strongest advantage is that we a community driven project, we are completely and truly decentralized and opensourced

we have VXXL Improvement Proposals (VIP) channel on our GitHub, but are always open in Telegram for any upgrades or issues raised within the community

and as per confidence in the future >>

first of all we are currently fastest PoW coin on the Planet and tx speed is something very valuable for customers especially in our everyday life which is rolling faster and faster

second is that our tx cost is lowest among all transactional coins

third ~ VXXL maintains truly decentralized emission, meaning literally anyone can participate in coins production and unlike more mature but a bit outdated coins our mining supply is not defined, it depends on difficulty, meaning the more people mine, the more coins are produced >>

that is how we regulate the emission, if the planet needs more coins >> just plug in and mine it >> in Bitcoin for example whole mining is pre-programmed & the supply can only be redistributed among miners if hash rate and difficulty grows but the amount of mined coins will remain the same >>

while VXXL network will produce MORE coins if MORE miners participate, of course there is a complex also inside and it’s not proportional, but i am just explaining the principle which is extremely important in our age of changes of traditional centralized financial system into algorithmic decentralized.

VXXL is the next step in the evolution of money, that’s why we are confident in its future

4. In recent years, technologies around the layer 2 #blockchain, solutions have developed dramatically. How does #VXXL fit into the boom of layer 2 networks? What makes it unique and different from all other platforms of this type?

Ra V.i: cool question Pham, congrats and to You also

My answer is the following >>

VXXL is the step BEYOND layer 2 as far as our chain xt speed is just 7 seconds, at the same time VXXL has plans to integrate several interesting solutions which emerged in crypto sphere recently, such as decentralized digital identity which was first implemented by Mina protocol and followed by recent copycat from Jack Dorsey

we are tracking all technologies and believe will always be on the edge of them

5. What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2022?Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

Ra V.i: and finally congrats SADIA

your brief but deep question will be answered also >>

our top priorities for 2022 are:
* to deliver our roadmap in time
* to grow community up to 1 million people and 50'000 active traders
* to grow liquidity and trading volume to 10 million USDT per day

All details about VXXLcould be found below

🛢 Website :
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