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Question for Part 1- Project overview:

1- Can you briefly introduce yourself as well as LuckyChip? And from where you get the project name? What does it mean to you? And why you choose this name for your project? What is your mission and vision to build this project? What you want to achieve Through your project in future?


I’m LuckyKhelly, marketing manager of LuckyChip. LuckyChip is the First Prediction GameFi with Bet Mining and Bank Farming.

In short, it is a “Defi Casino” where every user can farm through playing and also be the owner of this “defi casino”, not just as players.

For the Name, It was actually my project manager who came up with that

Whereas for our mission,

The current Prediction Games in the crypto world are weakly designed in 3 key elements:
1) Less Rewards to Players: Users only get paid when they win. No extra incentives.
2) No Access to be Bankers: Users can only participate as players. No other roles or TVL contribution.
3) Token Price Dumping: Users always dump and the token price keeps falling.

So as a result, there is NO dominating project in the prediction category yet, which is a Trillion Dollar business in the traditional world, and should be one of the biggest categories in the crypto world.

That’s why we start this project

2- Are you working on any partnerships or marketing initiatives to help build awareness for your platform?


Okay, So We are currently in talks with some top DEXes which includes Pancankeswap, Biswap etc. as at moment.

We also have a lot of marketing initiatives ongoing at the moment.

We are also launching our airdrop campaign next week

3- What are your main features that distinguish you from other projects, and what competitive advantages do you have? How has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project?


LuckyChip distinguishes from other betting platforms with 3 BIG Innovations:

1) Bet Mining: Lucrative incentives to resolve “Less Rewards to Players”
Players at LuckyChip can mine LC from their betting volume, no matter win or lose.

2) Bank Farming: House Bankroll available to resolve “No Access to be Bankers”
Users at LuckyChip can contribute TVL to the House Bankroll and farm on it.

3) Lucky Power: Well-designed tokenomics to resolve “Token Price Dumping”
LuckyChip Earnings (“Lucky Bonus”) will be 100% distributed to LC Holders weighted by Lucky Power

Given that most of our team members have worked in the betting industry at some point. We came along with an idea for that not to victimize the users.

Part 2: Pre-selected questions from our community

1- Many blockchain projects are on paper only and don’t have any product or have a product with no practical use case. Please let us know what is Coin’s current practical product in use? What are your plans for the product to be better in the future?


- Player bet with LC enjoys higher Bet Mining rate
- Player bet with LC enjoys higher chance of Lucky Lottery
- Banker bank with LC enjoys a higher Farming rate
- Banker bank with LC enjoys higher Lucky Power
- All the earnings of LuckyChip will be 100% distributed to all LC token holders.

Since all earnings of LuckyChip will be 100% distributed to LC holders weighted by Lucky Power. And “Unclaimed LC” weights the most in Lucky Power

so the tokenomics encourage users to hold and even not claim LC, leading to fewer sellers and more holders

And also later on, LC holders would be given the opportunity of deciding the games to add to the Platform

2- Currently, many BSC projects are hacked, what protects LuckyChip to ensure that my assets are invested in the platform?


That’s definitely true

And that’s why we spend lots of time and resource doing audits with the top auditors like CertiK and PeckShield

Actually we have completed 3 audits already. All info is available in our DECK

Can i share some pictures?

So be rest assured that your assets are safe with us

3- Can I buy your tokens right now, and if so, which wallets do you support? Can you tell me about your team’s history? Which areas are your team focusing on at the moment? (DeFi, Stake, Dapps…) and what are your goals for this year?


So basically we are currently on our Whitelist program.
Presale is on the 29th of January
At the moment, Tokens are not yet out

Let me share our roadmap

So right now, we are focused on Launching, partnerships and listing

4- How important do you consider the community in the success of this project, what marketing skills are you using to build a strong community and audience, is there any AMBASSADOR program?


The Community is very crucial part to our success and we value our community a lot

Currently, we have an ambassadorial program ongoing

We usually have in-house contests and campaigns basically amongst our community members

This helps in bonding with the Community

5- During your project development, did you consider community feedback/ requests to further expand on new ideas for your project? Many projects fail because they don’t understand their target audience and customers. So I want to ask Who is the most ideal customer for your product?



Yes, actually we just concluded our test net bounty program where users were incentivized for their suggestions and comments on the platform. In a bid of making the platform more user friendly

So An ideal customer for Our product could be a beginner, amateur,enthusiast, pros, etc.
Basically anyone can use our platform. It is that easy

Question for Part 3: Guests will choose 5 live questions from members and answer directly in CryptoFury Community

1- A lot of scam projects out there, guess what guarantees that your project is different from them.



Let me answer this,

I want to emphasize on two points:
1) the trust,
2) the payout

1) the trust: As we all know in blockchain and with top audits, trust issues can be resolved

At LuckyChip, We assure as well as the audit as proof that it is the fairest Casino ever.

2) The payout: KEY feature at LuckyChip. Players can earn and farm LC token whether they win or lose.

That’s BET MINING innovation here
So literally you get to earn for just being on the system or in the casino

2-Why investors should buy and hold your token/coin in the long term?



GREAT question! which related to our 3rd key Innovation “Lucky Power”

Our token holders are the real shareholders of a DEFI CASINO

so 100% of luckychip earnings in BUSD/BNB/BTCB/ETH will totally distributed to our token holders

just imagine that if you got the chance to be the shareholder of a BIG casino
would it be a good investment chance or not? so very simple question and answer…

3- If we want to stake and farm LuckyChip, how will the profit be calculated? And will LuckyChip cooperate with DEX from other projects such as Pancakeswap


There would a farming feature on the site.
We will have BIG partnerships later for SURE! And it is still in confidential so we could not disclose the details.

But you can follow our social medias closely for the latest updates!

4-What is the role of tokens in the ecosystem? Where can people currently buy it? What are the functions of the tokens?



before going to the role of token in our ecosystem

I would like to introduce the roles of users at LuckyChip first

There are 4 KEY roles for users at LuckyChip, and all of them can farm and earn from the growth of LuckyChip

5-What is a thing of LuckyChip project that cannot be found in your competitors’ projects?



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