Question for Part 1- Project overview:

Could you Introduce yourself and Calo Metaverse to our Community?

Thao Emmy:

Which achievements have your team gained until now and could you share our roadmap for our community ?

Thao Emmy:

Can you say something about your team and your backers of partners until now?

Thao Emmy:

Question for Part 2: Guests will choose 5 live questions from members and answer directly in CryptoFury Community

How do you make users believe that Calo is a high-quality, long-term project? Please share 3 main points to convince me and other angel investors to invest in it long term?

Thao Emmy:

In crypto, most of the project do rug pulled and exit scam. How can we trust your project to not do the same? Is our investment safe?

Thao Emmy:

Which of the following points is most important to you?

I. Increasing Token Price & Value

II. Empowering Platform Development

III. Building Community Trust

IV. Expanding Partnership Globally

Thao Emmy:

Now that technology is changing every second, are you afraid that in the future Calo will lag behind new projects with newer technologies? Do you have a plan for this?

Thao Emmy:

Marketing strategy is important for every project. What are your plans? How will you expand your relationships, build communities in both English&non-English speaking countries? Are there Any restrictions?

Thao Emmy:




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